Macbook Pro Concept

It seems Apple is going to release a fresh Macbook Pro design this year. There are too many rumors going on so I decided to create my own concept.

Let’s start with the problems with the current Macbook Pro version:

  • The body has sharp edges that hurt, specially when typing for long periods.
  • It is still too heavy.
  • 2 USB ports are not enough.
  • It gets too hot too fast.
  • CD/DVD drive has become useless a long time ago.

Focusing on the 20% of features that do 80% of our work I would remove the CD drive, Firewire and Ethernet ports and include another USB port.

Keeping that philosophy in mind, there are 2 things that could redefine the current design: screen border and body thickness.

By making an almost borderless screen it’s possible to reduce 15% of the area. Add this to a thinner body and there is a reduction of 43% in the volume of the product.

I tried to keep the overall design as simple as possible. I increased the fillet radius on the edges, changed the ports and the trackpad. I think this is a plausible concept with the current technology.

Maybe I will make a more futuristic concept later, like a 2020 Macbook Pro.

And here are some quick renders to get a better idea of the model.

 Note:  This is just a conceptual study on the product. Macbook Pro and related trademarks belong to Apple.

7 comments on “Macbook Pro Concept
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  2. I like the look, agree with some of your reasoning, and like your problem solving approach to your redesign, but I think your improvements bring this way too close to the Macbook Air to justify it’s manufacture.

    40% weight reduction of the 13″ Pro would bring your design to just .4 pounds heavier than the 13″ Air, while eliminating most of the “pro” features that make the Pro desirable over the Air in the first place.

    However, if you were to add thunderbolt in lieu of the mini display port (which the air has and would solve a lot of the connectivity shortcomings) and could squeeze an i7 processor into that volume I would buy this for sure.

  3. Thanks for the critics and suggestions!

    Actually the reduction in the 13″ would be different, but it still wouldn’t be as thin as the Air because of the ports. I kept the Thunderbolt, Mini Display and 2 USB ports.

    In the future, when there are no ports anymore, it will be possible to make a very slim notebook. I’ll sketch something when I have some time.

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